Some advice about presentations:

When preparing a PowerPoint or Keynote deck, remember to keep it simple. Use charts and graphics that support your message; don't create a text outline of your speech, then stand and read it.

If you've ever seen a motivational speaker, you'll notice they tend to have no more than twenty slides per hour, and that the slides just provide reinforcement for the stories being told. They are touchstones, not the actual speech. Maybe one or two provide a surprise to the audience by reversing their expectations.

Presentations should support your speech, but they shouldn't be a crutch.



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Digital Design:

Good images make good marketing tools. Many digital media producers rely heavily on stock imagery for their work. At Pixelpete, we can provide custom images for less, giving your project a unique look.

We can also produce graphics for a variety of purposes: blog banners, business cards, html newsletters, digital prints and presentations, including custom PowerPoint and Keynote templates.