There should be an ever-changing reason to visit your web site. Providing helpful information to your clients and potential customers is a sure way to keep them visiting often.

An html newsletter can be a useful tool for staying in touch with your base. Offer a discount via Facebook and place the coupon on your site. Get some good feedback from a customer? Post that on your home page and send a link to your email list and share the good news. Got a new product? Send a sample to select bloggers to evaluate and maybe they'll tell their readers about it.

Ideas like these are inexpensive ways to promote your brand!



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E-marketing & Branding:

Once your web site is launched, there's more to do than wait for businesss to come your way. At Pixelpete, we can provide the additional promotion needed to increase traffic to your site. Directory inclusion, social networking and endorsements by industry experts are all ways to increase your digital presence. Google Analytics can define your on-line customer base and tell you who to market to next.

We also provide branding services, including logo design and marketing materials for start-up businesses. We're here to solve any problem you might have promoting your product or service.