Pixelpete Productions specializes in Search Engine Optimization:

While the look and functionality of your web site is important, the text is more vital to SEO and the amount of site traffic you receive. The first one hundred and fifty characters define your site after a Google search, so you need to make them count.

You must clearly state what your product or service is and where your business is located geographically.

Good copy is written for the benefit and pleasure of humans, not search bots. Yet, good web copywriters always keep those bots in mind.




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Web & Interactive Design:

Following best practices for web design creates sites that work efficiently with a minimum amount of code. At Pixelpete,we study new software endlessly to improve our skills and to stay current with the latest web guidelines issued by the World Wide Web Consortium. We're dedicated to providing our clients with efficient and exciting web sites and interactive media at a reasonable cost, and our emphasis on training ensures that our production practices save you money and time.